Water tariffs

The industry regulator, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland, requires all license providers to offer their customers a standard, ‘default’ level of service, for a ‘default’ tariff.

This is commonly know as the Industry ‘Default Standard Tariff’, or DST for short, and is the maximum a licence provider can charge you for water and waste services.

Further information is available at: www.watercommission.co.uk

Brightwater Tariffs

All of our tariffs are based on the Default Standard Tariff

DST (minus) Tariffs

Our DST minus tariffs are ideally suited for medium to large business and offers customers a fixed discount on all water, waste water and drainage services provided to their premises. The level of discount received depends on which services that are provided to their premises, the level of use, and the length of term of our agreement.

Brightwater Saver Tariff

Our Brightwater Saver Tariff is ideally suited to small business with low usage and offers customers a variable discount on water and waste services. Charges for each individual service has been discounted to offer the greatest savings possible with savings on services varying from 7.5%  up to 40%

  • Please Note: The Brightwater Saver Tariff is no longer available

Brightwater Charging Statements

Charging statements for Brightwater Saver Tariff and the Default Standard Tariff are available for download. These provide a details of the rates and charges for water, waste water and drainage services for both metered and un-metered premises

Charging statements for specific DST (Minus) tariffs and non standard services, such as trade effluent, taps and troughs, are available on request

The Water Industry Commission for Scotland have also published a document outlining the default services, standards and maximum tariffs issued to licensee providers, these are available as follows (links download directly from the Water Industry Commission website):

* The water industry year runs from 1st April to 31st March