Gap Sites Applications

All premises connected to the Scottish Water network are required to pay for the water services supplied to the premises. Water services supplied to domestic premises are charged through council tax, whilst water services supplied to non-domestic premises, are charged by a Licensed Provider (LP), such as Brightwater

A gap site is a property that is connected to the Scottish Water network for water, wastewater and/or drainage services, but has not been registered to pay for these services. If you own, or occupy, a non-domestic property currently receiving water services from Scottish Water and you are not being billed by a Licenced Provider (LP) your premises may be a Gap Site.

How do i know if my premises is a Gap Site?

If you have never received an invoice from a Licensed Provider for water services supplied to the premises, you may be a Gap Site. If you lease the property; it’s possible that these services are being billed to your landlord who may re invoice you directly or include the cost of water services as part of the rent.

However it is relatively easy for a Licenced Provider to check the water industry central systems to see if the premises has been registered and, if it is already registered, confirm the supply point ID linked to the presies and the current supplier.

How do i register my premises  with Scottish Water?

All non-domestic applications need to be submitted via a licensed provider. We can process this application on your behalf – simply complete and return our Gap Site application form. We will check to see if your premises is already registered with Scottish Water

If your premises are already registered:

We will let you know who your current supplier is and provide you with your Supply Point ID – the water industry reference for your premises.

We will also provide you with an estimate for the water services supplied to the premises to see how much you could save by switching your services to Brightwater. If you would like to move your supply over to Brightwater simply complete and return the paperwork and start the transfer process.

If your premises are not already registered

We will submit an application to Scottish Water to register the premises. After the application has been received Scottish Water may contact you directly to arrange an appointment to visit the premises. For some premises this may not be necessary and Scottish Water will complete a remote “desk-check”.

Once the registration has been completed; Scottish Water will notify us of the Supply Point ID associated with the premises and services being supplied. Water services to the premises will become chargeable from the date the Supply Point ID becomes active. If a water meter has been installed chargeable consumption will begin to accrue from the date of the meter installation.

Have you received a letter from Scottish Water about your premises?

When Scottish Water identifies premises that are listed on the Scottish Assessors non-domestic register, but not registered in water industry data, they allow the owner / occupier a short period of time to register their premises with their preferred supplier.

If the premises is not registered within a reasonable period of time Scottish Water will begin the registration process and allocate the premises to one of the licensed providers participating in the GAP scheme at random.

If you have received a letter and would like us to register the premises on your behalf simply complete and return our Gap Site application form, along with a copy of your letter fro Scottish Water (if available)

Not sure where to start?

Simply get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can help your business.