Submit a meter reading

Our meter reading team will read your meter on a regular basis. However, we recommend that our customers provide us with their own reads on a regular reads, where it safe for them to do so.

Not only do frequent reads ensure that the estimated volumes used in billing is as accurate as possible it also helps to flag up early any potential over usage caused by bursts, leaks or faulty equipment such as taps and toilets.

Don't forget...

To submit a meter reading using this form you will require the following information:

  • Meter reading
  • The serial number of the meter
  • The date the meter was read
  • A photograph of the meter & dials (where possible)
  • Your Brightwater customer account number
  • The postcode of your premises
  • Your contact information
    Submit a meter reading

    Tell us about the information you've collected from your water meter

    We just need to verify some information about your account to ensure the details are updated to the correct account

    And some contact details in case we need to follow up on any of the information you've provided?