Pricing Schedule


Pricing Schedule

To view a copy of the our water retail tariff please visit our water tariffs page 

Invoice options

  • Paper billing: £3.50
  • Copy Paper Invoice: £5.00
  • Copy Email Invoice: £2.50

Cancellation of Direct Debit – £12.00

Where you cancel a Direct Debit and it is not reinstated within 5 Business Days, unless agreed by us in writing, we may will apply a charge of £12.00 to cover the additional operating costs incurred by us in accepting payment by a method other than Direct Debit.

Direct Debit administration fee – £12.00

Where a direct debit payment fails due to out of date bank details, insufficient funds in your account, the Direct Debit is not set up or has been cancelled by you, we may charge a Direct Debit administration fee of £12.00.

Late payment administration fee – Various

Where we have not received payment of an outstanding balance by it’s due date we may charge a late payment administration fee of £40.00 or more, in line with the following legislation Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (

Change of Occupier read – £25.00

You can request that we attend the property to take a meter read to record the change of responsible party . This meter read will be taken within 10 business days of us receiving the request. You will be charged a fee of £25.00* for each meter read. If we are not able to gain access to the property to read the meter we may charge a failed visit fee of £20.00*

Change of Occupier Admin fee – £40.00

The Brightwater contract requires all customers to provide Brightwater with 14 days’ written notice if you intend to move or leave your premises. Where the property is rented or you occupy it under a licence to occupy, you must provide us with your landlord’s details prior to vacating the premises.

Furthermore, If you fail to notify us of any move, or fail to provide the landlord’s details, we shall have the right to continue to charge you for the Services until we receive such notice.

In addition to this, if the 14 days’ written notice is not received, there is a Administration Fee of £40.00

Unreasonable refusal of access to read a meter – £62.00

Unreasonable refusal of access to read a meter leads to a series of costs for Brightwater, such as additional admin, water industry penalties and re-booking of meter readers.

Examples of unreasonable refusal to access to a meter is where the meter has been covered, hidden or obscured from access, or where the occupier or landlord refuses access for no given reason.

Where this occurs, an admin fee of £62 will apply for each occasion.

Scottish Water non-primary services – 12%

For all charges payable to Scottish Water associated with the delivery of non-primary services (this includes, but is not restricted to; new connections, disconnections, metering services), we will charge a retail uplift of 12% on the wholesale charge from Scottish Water.


All prices exclude VAT, which is charged at the applicable rate.
*excludes Scottish Islands and some mainland locations

Last updated 16.02.2022