Restoring Drinking Supplies After Lockdown

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With lockdown measures slowly starting to ease and business premises beginning to open, Scottish Water have asked licenced providers to remind customers about restoring drinking supplies after periods of inactivity and the risks of legionella

As a result of closure or part closure of buildings drinking water systems may have been subject to stagnation due to low turnover of mains water or water in storage. This could have resulted in warming of water in internal plumbing systems, microbiological regrowth or increased uptake of plumbing metals

We are issuing this reminder on behalf of Scottish Water following an outbreak of legionella at buildings which have opened recently after being closed for the lockdown

Water UK has published a guide for businesses on recovering drinking water supplies after a prolonged period of inactivity..

This guide can be found on the Water UK website here, alternatively it can be downloaded from this website here

It is important that building owners, landlords and tenants landlords take action to manage the risk of water systems that have not been used, to ensure that as staff, visitors and customers return, water systems remain safe.

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