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The Best Beaches in East Lothian.

Brightwater is fortunate to be based in one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland. Known to be the breadbasket of Scotland, East Lothian is filled with beautiful countryside. It also is home to several stunning beaches and coastlines that our staff has enjoyed over the years with family and friends. Our team has compiled their favourite local beaches they have visited over the years into this list. As a water and water waste services company, it is important to take time to acknowledge the natural beauty in which we operate. We hope this list inspires you to see these beaches for yourself and your business to start considering how you can do your part to protect local beaches.


The Best Beaches in East Lothian Blog. Protecting local Beaches

Looking after our East Lothian Beaches

To keep enjoying these beautiful beaches we need to take steps to ensure that businesses take the appropriate steps to do their bit to look after them. Business waste such as nurdles (plastic pellets that contribute to microplastics) and dumped office rubbish can find its way onto shores, which is why you should choose a trusted waste disposal service. Our sister company Brightwaste provide sustainable waste management across Scotland and the rest of the UK for businesses. In addition, our water and water waste services can help your business ensure it is using Scottish water responsibly and not contributing to the water pollution that ends up on our beaches. East Lothian’s Countryside Rangers are also a good source of information and help in local communities, see on their website the wildlife events they run and how you can support beaches and wildlife.



The Best Local East Lothian Beaches. North Berwick Beach

North Berwick West Beach

This beach was a winner with all of us here at Brightwater. It has a long stretch of sand which is perfect for enjoying a variety of activities such as dog walking, picnics, barbeques, and swimming (if you are brave). It is right next to the seabird centre and is close to town for shopping and amenities. We always enjoy our freshly fried fish and chips from the North Berwick Fry and spend the whole day enjoying the waves.  See the Visit East Lothian site for how to get there.


Tyninghame Links Beach

Hidden through a forest Tyninghame beach is one of the best beaches this side of Scotland in our humble opinion-it even starred in an episode of the Outlander television show. With its recent surge in popularity, you will find it filled with families all spending the day at the beach. Read more about it on the Love from Scotland website.


The Best Local East Lothian beaches. Seacliff Beach

Seacliff Beach

A stunning sandy beach with a section of rockpools to explore. The bass rock and Tantallon castle provide a dramatic background. In its rockpool area not only can you find an abundance of sea life, but you can also discover a secret harbour where locals park their boats. It’s an amazing site when the gannets are diving from the cliffs, and it is frequently visited by paddleboarders for the waves. It’s still fairly unknown so we would come here for a more peaceful beach walk. See how to get there on Visit East Lothian.

Gullane Beach

The beach is only a short walk away from the village and is enjoyable to visit all year round. Its soft silky sands are kept free of rubbish by amazing local volunteers. It provides an ideal day out for families, dog walkers and swimmers. Some of the holes at Gullane golf club have beautiful views of the ocean while you play. Find out more about the beautiful coastal town of Gullane.

The Beast Local East Lothian Beaches. Seton Sands Beach

Seton Sands Beach

This beach is popular with beachgoers, especially dog walkers. It even has a dedicated area for dog exercise! Parts of the beach are a mixture of sand, rocks and shells. As children, it was our favourite place to go hunting for shells, sea glass, old pottery, and other treasures. Rockpools also host a vast amount of marine life when the tide goes back in. You can find the beach in Port Seton and Cockenzie.


The Best Local East Lothian Beaches. Yellowcraig Beach

Yellowcraig Beach

An extremely popular family beach that you can spend the whole day at. We take our families along to enjoy views of the sea and the lighthouse on Frida Island. Next to the beach is woodland with lots of connecting paths to walk and  a play area for children. You can also cook on the beach in the BBQ area if you book it in advance. There are showers, toilets and other amenities that make a whole day out at the beach so much easier. Find out how to get there.


We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and maybe discovered a secret East Lothian gem for you to enjoy. We also hope we have inspired you to take more action as a business, to keep Scotland looking beautiful through responsible waste and water management.

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