Could you use 10% less water?


Take the 10% test

Could you reduce your water consumption by 10%?

We’re challenging businesses in Scotland to become more water-efficient and reduce wastage (read more here).

Complete our ‘10% test’ questionnaire below and let us help your business become more water wise, not only could this help you reduce your water costs further but contribute towards lowering Scotland’s carbon efficiency targets and impact on the environment.

The 10% test

1About your premieses
2Your contact information
  • About your premises

  • This will help us understand the demands for water at your premises
  • This is a 12 digit number found on a recent water bill
  • This is a 12 digit number found on a recent water bill
  • Toilets

    These devices control how much water is used for each flush. If none are in place at all select ‘no’
  • Urinals

  • This is the number of cisterns providing water to urinals rather than the number of individual urinals on site

    These control the frequency of flushes from the cistern. If none are in place select ‘no’
  • Taps

    This could anything from a slow drip to a trickle of water
  • Showers

  • Staff Engagement

  • General