Reducing water wastage

It’s worth bearing in mind that not only do you pay for the water you use, you also pay for most of it to be taken away as it goes down the drain. So however much water you can save, you save not once but twice!

Here are the main culprits for water wastage, and how to manage it.

High pressure taps

Does your tap water come out too fast? No tap should give out more than 3.6 ltrs per minute. If they do, consider a tap flow regulator.

Dripping Taps

A dripping tap will waste 9 litres of water per day – over 3,250 litres over the course of a year. That’s all money down the drain. Literally. In most cases it simply requires a new washer.

Leaky loos

Have you ever noticed a toilet that has constantly running water into the pan? This is one of the worst sources of water wastage – a single leaky toilet can easily waste up to 400 litres of water per day, and it is a normally a simple fix.

Overfilling cisterns

If your cisterns are overfilling, they may be constantly sending water into the overflow pipe. Keep the water level in your cisterns well below the waste pipe.

Sensor Taps

If you’re in the hospitality trade, you rely on the public to turn off the taps after usage. With Sensor taps, you effectively allow a suitable consumption per use, and no fear of wanton wastage.

Shower Heads

A water saving shower head can be installed to aerate and regulate the flow of water. You can expect to save 10 litres of water per minute with a very low cost device.

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