Improving water efficiency

When you’ve cut out the unnecessary usage, you can look at how you can improve efficiency. We know the benchmark for the typical and best practice usage in your sector, and can soon tell you where efficiencies might help.

Cistern flushes

Old cisterns use around 13 litres per flush, however this is now seen as excessive. Since 1999, building regulations have demanded that modern toilets operate with a 6 litre flush. If you’re operating old toilets, you can install duo flush controls, but this can be expensive.

Alternatively you can use a water displacement device, such as a hippo, to reduce the volume of water held in the cistern. There are also some low cost devices that have been specially designed to help improve ‘flush efficiency’  – we can help with this.

Urinal flush contol

An unmanaged urinal can flush every 15 to 20 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week – that’s between 26,000 and 35,000 time a year. For a large 13 litre cistern that’s… a lot of water a year (up to 455 thousand litres per cistern if you want the numbers).

However, when your premises are closed there’s no need for flushes to be this frequent. Implementing a system to restrict flushes to hygiene flushes (or janitorial flushes) when your premises are closed overnight or weekends can have a significant impact on your water usage

The cheap way is to minimise the flow of water into the cistern, the longer it takes to fill the cistern the longer it takes between flushes, however this can be unpleasant if urinals are in regular use.

The best way to deal with urinals is a Passive infrared sensor (PIR) system set to flush at pre-determined times, with hygiene flushes only at the weekend and at night. These systems need to be managed and checked to ensure they operate effectively however can help reduce your water usage per cistern by up to 60%!


Always default to the eco setting for dishwashers. Less water and less electricity.

Re-using water from butts

If you can collect rain water for re-usage, known as rainwater harvesting, you completely bypass your meter. Harvested water can be used for toilet flushes, plant watering, machinery cooling and many other purpose. What’s more, installation costs can often be offset with grant aid.

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