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Water consultancy

Not sure if your business is getting the most out of its water and waste water services? Don’t worry. Our water experts are on hand to help.

From simple cost saving measures for a single premises to design and implementation of a corporate water efficiency strategy, the team will lead you through the process, advise on the cost and benefit of available options, and monitor performance.

Services we offer to customers include

Benchmarking & Usage Analysis

Is your water consumption right for your business? Are you using more water than you should?

Every business has different water needs. We can analyse your usage at your premises and benchmark this against similar businesses in your industry.

Bill Validation

Are you being charged for the right services? It’s possible that the information held by Scottish Water isn’t up to date. Your water requirements change over time; the property may have been redeveloped and merged into a single unit or split into multiple premises.

We can audit your account to identify inconsistencies and ensure you’re being charged correctly. If you have been charged incorrectly, we can help you get rebates for anything up to 5 years from your previous licence provider(s).

Leak detection

Leaks can be caused by caused by pipe corrosion, ground movement or even faulty plumbing. Unfortunately, not all leaks are readily visible until it’s too late. For most businesses the only indication of a potential problem is increasing water charges.

We can advise on leak detection, arrange for automated usage monitoring and site investigations by our experienced water professionals to locate and fix your leak. Once a leak has been fixed we can also explore options for claiming a rebate on your waste water charges for water lost through the leak.

Harvesting and recycling

Collection of rainwater, known as rainwater harvesting, and water recycling systems, known as grey water systems, can help your business reduce your consumption.

They can also contribute to a reduction in your water and waste charges and help to reduce your carbon footprint. We can advise on the best solutions for your business and manage the process from start to finish.

Not sure where to start?

Simply get in touch and a member of the team will be more than happy to discuss how we can help your business.

The move to Brightwater was quick and simple, they made it so easy to save on our water bill

Andrew Watson
Red Paint Multimedia Ltd, Glasgow