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Could you use 10% less water?

Getting a good price for your water is important and can save your business money. However, improving water-efficiency and eliminating waste matters too – and can reduce your water bill even further.

Water is a finite resource and takes a considerable amount of energy to clean, treat and deliver to our taps day after day. Becoming more water efficient helps ensure reliable water supplies across Scotland, reduces the carbon footprint and improves our environment.

That’s why we’re challenging organisations to reduce their day-to-day water consumption.

If every business in Scotland were to reduce their usage by 10% this would save in excess of 16 billion litres a year – over 6,440 Olympic size swimming pools – and save Scottish business up to £35 million in water charges each year.

By answering a few questions in our “10% test” we can identify potential opportunities for your business to become more efficient, reduce waste, save money and help our environment

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