Will this affect me if I change provider

Yes, the transition to live RV is an industry wide change.

Will these changes increase revenue for the water industry?

No. This is not a revenue raising measure for the water industry. The rates for rateable value based charges are being reduced to ensure that the business community as a whole…

Will the rates for rateable value based charges change?

Yes, to minimise the impact this change will have, the unit rate you’re charged for your new RV will reduce by approximately 25%.

When will the changes to Live RV start?

The water industry will begin to transition to Live RV in April 2018. By April 2020, RV based charges will be based solely on live RV.  

What charges will be affected by the changes to RV

The move to use ‘live RVs’ will impact all charges that are based on the rateable value of the property. These are as follows: property drainage roads drainage water charges…