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Pre-payment Refund Scheme (PRS) & Pre-Payments during COVID19

Pre-payment Refund Scheme (PRS)

The Water Industry Commission for Scotland, the industry regulator, has introduced temporary measures requiring licenced providers to refund pre-payments to customers, equivalent to the wholesale element of their charges, for any period of supply that has not already occurred (the Pre-payment Refund Scheme – PRS).

Customers who have made a pre-payment for a supply period beyond 1 June (those on quarterly or annual billing) will be contacted by a member of our team to discuss how they would like this pre-payment to be managed.

Customers choosing to have their pre-payments refunded must confirm the details of their bank details, for security this confirmation must be by telephone.

This Scheme is in place until 24 September 2020, however, may be extended by the Commission to 31 December 2020 in line with any COVID-19 response measures implemented by the Scottish Governments.

Temporary Cessation of Pre-payments

To support our customers we are temporarily ceasing all pre-payments from customers effective 01 June 2020. This change in billing will provide a 1-month payment holiday for all pre-paying customers as their billing moves from advance to arrears payments.

Those customers on quarterly or annual advance billing will be temporarily moved to monthly arrears billing.

How will this work?

change to billing cycle

At the end of the scheme all customers will revert to pre-COVID-19 pre-payment arrangements.

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