How to Save Water in the Agricultural Industry

  According to NFU Scotland, around 80% of Scotland’s land mass is involved with agricultural production. The farming industry is not just responsible for producing food but also for conserving the natural resources necessary for production, including water. As a

Billing changes – what this means for you

You may remember that before the pandemic, ‘monthly in advance’ billing was standard throughout the water sector. In the first lockdown, all water companies were instructed by the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS) to apply only ‘in arrears’ billing,

VAT on your water bill. What you need to know.

It is not widely known and understood by many companies whether VAT is due on water services. Let us help clarify. To ensure that you are avoiding unnecessary VAT charges you should consult the 1980 Standard Industrial Classification or SIC

Protecting Your Pipes this Winter

A guide on how to keep your business flowing this winter Winter Is Coming … Here at Brightwater we want to keep your business flowing through the winter months by helping you prepare for the cold weather. We have some

Changes to wholesale and retail tariffs for 2021

Wholesale and retail water rates for 2021/22 have now been published by Scottish Water (wholesale) and the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (default maximum tariff) and has seen an average increase of 2.5%. These rate changes will affect all customers

Change to Drainage Services from April 2021

In December last year, the Scottish Water Technical Panel set out its proposals to streamline charging for drainage services. The aim of these changes is to make drainage charges clearer and to provide greater incentives to customers to implement solutions