Two hundred and seventy one buckets of water…

Two hundred and seventy one buckets of water – that’s over 40 baths worth – is how much water your business could save each year, just by making sure a dripping tap is fixed.

It’s difficult to visualize, but when put like that, a small drip can add up to 3,250 litres of water a year wasted.

If you run a hospitality business with four bathrooms, a kitchen and several wash hand basins, you may have more than one dripping tap.

It’s these seemingly small things that we’re keen to help businesses identify, so they can save money on their water bills.

The first thing we do before talking to anyone about what they could save by switching water supplier, is urging them to take our 10 percent challenge.

We believe that we can help almost everyone use 10 percent less water – and save on their bills – by making small, simple changes and raising awareness of water efficiency in the work place.

If every business in Scotland were to reduce their usage by 10% this would save in excess of 16 billion litres a year – over 6,440 Olympic size swimming pools – and save Scottish business up to £35 million in water charges each year.